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Navigating to the $HOME/Library folder in Lion

In Lion the Library folder in your $HOME folder is now hidden. You can unhide it fairly easy, but a far easier way of navigating to it is holding down the [OPTION] key and using the FINDER GO menu.


Merging/concatenating PDFs under OS X

  • Open one PDF
  • Open the Sidebar
  • Drag the other PDF pages to the sidebar
  • In the sidebar drag the other PDFs on top of the first PDF. ┬áNothing will appear to happen, but if you then save the first file, it will show all the drag and dropped pages.

Simplicity or what!

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Update for Quicksilver

So after writing about Alfred the other week, there’s an update to Quicksilver!

Download it here

The changelog says increased performance. Nice to see an old dog keep getting updated!

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Alfred: A Quicksilver replacement?

Alfred is a new app launcher (and as with the best of those apps it is much more) for OS X. It’s currently in beta, that you can sign up for at their website.

Ever since Raj pointed me to Quicksilver it’s become a pretty essential tool on any Mac I use. However, development has dropped off over the past few years and whereas it still works perfectly now if there’s any major OS update it could be that it breaks. Scary! It’s to Albert’s credit that after a week of using it it’s slipped straight into my workflow without hardly any interruption or even being noticed!


What’s also cool, although location only relevant for property programmes, is that the guys are local (to me in Cambridge that is!).