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HOWTO Find broken symbolic links – Gentoo Linux Wiki

HOWTO Find broken links – Gentoo Linux Wiki

I was trying to find some broken links. however, although using
find . -type l

shows all links, it does nto use the cool flashing RED that BASH can do to shwo a broken links. So doing a quick Google turned me to this Gentoo howto: Nice n easy!
find . -type l | (while read FN ; do test -e "$FN" || ls -ld "$FN"; done)

Mac trivial shennanigans

HASH key on a Mac Keyboard with Linux

Right I’ve had a bit of a palaver with the HASH key on my Mac. Well actually with a Mac keyboard attached to a Linux box. After getting my nice new MacBook Pro, I had a issue trying to find the hash key. (How long until my nice new MacBook Pro loses the nice new?). Anyway to cut a long story short it’s ALT + 3. Not too much hassle, and apparently a common thing with Mac UK keyboards.

When i finally settled down to working, I’ve started plugging in the MacBook to my Del 24″ widescreen monitor, and sharing the keyboard and mouse via a cheap USB switch. So with two clicks I can switch between the mac and My Linux box, without the vast expense of a DVI/USB KVM (do they even exist?). The Dell has a VGA and DVI input. so that’s very convenient. To make it easier I’ve plugged in a Apple keyboard to the switch. Linux behaves quite well with this. However, for the life of me I’ve not been able to fathom out how to type HASH in linux with the Apple keybaord attached. Untuil now….

It’s CTRL + SHIFT + 3

How odd!