trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • The TimeMachine update helps your backups, by removing them? Do I get this wrong? #
  • Super quick after the time that 0.22 took to come out RT @mythtvusersmail: MythTV 0.23 Available #
  • Great post. Franklin's liberty quote comes to mind RT @Glinner: Prague, 1965 #twitterjoketrial #
  • Cracking sunset tonight. Shame I cannot find my uUSB cable to post a piccie! #
  • cup noodles for lunch. Awesome! #
  • Downside of shed office,, wasps coming into office! #
  • TreePeony [pic] #
  • Gardening, and bloody window frame sanding and painting. Surely having a garden involves sitting in the sun and drinking beer? #
  • The Fall on friday #
  • If you get "jive_alsa failed to start" with Squeezeplay, start it from the /opt/Squeezeplay/bin folder and it starts to work! #squeezebox #
  • MacVector at ASM 2010 #
  • These windows are soul destroying. Got another 5 to do! #
  • The bells on my local church have now been ringing for 2 hours (practice?). Does this mean I get to play my music very loud for hours? #