trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • a pleasant weekend, and I got an extra window painted as well! (oh and cleaned the shed office!0 #
  • #lazyweb how do I add consecutive numbers to a PDF when printed out? #
  • Downside of garden office.. rain is so loud that I cannot hear myself think at the moment! #
  • Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher! #
  • Updated my Hero to 2.1. Funky. #
  • The police helicopter is moving along, well above, the Cam… #cambridge #
  • Since car window is broken gonna cycle into town. Make a lazy change. #
  • My Google page is of my Habitat lampshade in the bedroom. Am I alone in seeing this? How did they get into my bedroom? Google bedview? #
  • ASM2010 #
  • Got a lot I want to do today, AND I need to get the village day programme printed and folded! #
  • Why does MS AutoUpdate (OSX) ask you to quit before applying update? Surely it's obvious so why not automagically quit? #
  • How Tibetans live at higher altitudes. Two genes that appear to help in hypoxic conditions #