trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • You can tell me pollen levels are high. I'm suffering and not had hayfever for 10 yrs! #
  • The vatmen are rubbing their hands! #
  • Just had a Magnum by the river! #
  • Check this map… #
  • I keep getting blank SMS from https:/ WTF? #
  • Anybody else seeing Google Reader connectivity issues with NetNewsWire? #
  • Still affected by pollen. Sinuses blocked to the extent that they woke me during night. Dammed pollen I thought I'd beaten you years ago! #
  • Using a Magic Mouse to scroll in Excel is painful. #
  • Had a busy morning. A thorough clean at the dental hygienist, and a checkup at the doctors! #
  • Good article RT @NewStatesman: What does it mean to be a “British citizen”? #
  • What a cracking sunny day it is! #