trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Had a good birthday and a great BBQ afternoon on Saturday. However, my legs are now painful and swollen from bites (insects not guests!). #
  • Cheese on toast made with cheesy bread and lots of cheese, oh & wuster of course! funkylicious #
  • Graphics In MacVector: Exporting publication quality graphics. #
  • It's still warm today. I've quite got used to this. Who needs Winter? #
  • cheese on toast, with jalapenos. yummmy! #
  • My hammock rocks.. literally. RT @sophystar: I am definitely in favour of post-lunch naps. And hammocks. We need more hammocks. #
  • Nice one Tatchell! #
  • I wish the weather would just get it over with and have a proper thunderstorm. Then we want the sun back. #
  • Forgotten what the sound of rain on the shed roof sounds like. Think I prefer the sun. #
  • Why was the Nexus One a failure? This article seems to think so. I disagree. #
  • Come sat outside for my early morning email bash. It's gone cold. Bring back that sun. #
  • Bluray for my Acer Revo Mythtvfrontend #
  • Sat by the river testing new 3 mifi. Bit disheartening to see I get 3Mb/s whereas I only get 9Mb/s with my bonded ADSL lines 🙂 #