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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Nice. James Burke's "Connections" is available online to stream #
  • Oh how sneaky iTunes 12 days of Crimbo you are. Cheryl Cole was just teasing. Now you bring us Father Ted! Well done. #
  • Just about to try my first ever Talisker. Discovered Whisky late, now every bottle is a delight! #
  • Just showed my 96yr old neighbour Google Streetview images of her house she left in her 20s. She was impressed by Google! #
  • Critical WordPress update (Thanks to @pandammonium) #
  • Excellent! RT @alfredapp: Just finished the (PP) iTerm integration for both the Terminal Commands and the 'Open Terminal Here' action 🙂 #
  • Well that was 2010. Not a bad year, but quite a tiring one. My new years res is more of the same, except more so. #
  • just opened a vacuum packed gammon to boil. Well before the use by date (7/1) but it smells. chuck or cook? #
  • This hacking cough has become quite annoying. #
  • anybody know why the Flickr images are not showing in this blog post? Permissions are set to public. #