trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • If you use Gnucash and OSX then always remember this tip if your fonts are in Japanese (Unless you want them like that) #
  • nevermind the eclipse, it's a great sunrise for this time of year in #Cambridge anyway! #
  • Being actually from Yorkshire, Plusnet's reference to honest broadband from Yorkshire really offends me. WTF they on about? #
  • Some friends trying to save their village pub from conversion into houses by setting up a community pub #Edlesborough #
  • Just been to Milton Country park. It's cordoned off by many police! #cambridge #
  • Heyho @Tweetdeck I lose accounts everytime I reboot, and I've deleted ELS numerous times. Any tips? #
  • Jenny McCarthy's Wiki entry from a few hours ago is quite amusing. Dunno why it was regarded as vandalism? #
  • App Store out. Life has not changed. Interesting though. #
  • As days go it looks fairly grim out there. Struggling to hear myself think in the shed office. I need to get a sedum roof! #
  • Anybody know much about Kiva Enabling you to fund microfinance loans. Sounds worthy? #
  • Cannot believe that it's 3:00 already. Where has my Sunday gone? #