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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Log splitting, paddle on river, apple tree pruning and general pottering about. Sunday done good. Now for boiled gammon n fried potatoes! #
  • potatoes fried in crimbo's goose fat. Good job I had an active day! #
  • I'm after a cheapish Mac Pro. Any second hands or refurbs for sale? Any good local dealers? #
  • Splitting logs #
  • A great guide to which wood burns best Personally I think you can burn any wood after a year or two of seasoning! #
  • hey @bestatus you having problems? My speed is .25 what it should be and your website is down. #
  • best site on the webs. RT @fishmark: ROTFLMAO!!! "Paula Deen Riding Things" Thanks @Jeremiahlee #
  • My splitting maul has just arrive. Awesome I'm like a lumberjack that's alright. #
  • Excellent. RT @teamSlinky: Another of the famous King St Run pubs set to reopen its public house doors. #Cambr (cont) #
  • Having internet connectivity problems outside of the UK today. Is my tin can and string too stretched? #