trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Annoying powercut killed my heating last night and now there's a keen frost. Brrr…. #horningsea #
  • My front tooth crown feel off last night. It's making coffee drinking quite painful. #
  • Fed up with power cuts now. UPS recommendations for a single Linux workstation please. Preferably with USB shutdown. #
  • First time in my life I did pancakes. Yum. ~Still an athestic sinner though. #
  • ..and a poor speller. #
  • Come on. We want some sunshine not more bloody rain! #
  • Look after your own waster! RT @SouthCambs: Owner of this rubbish was convicted after paying a non licensed pe… (cont) #
  • Changing my cheap ADSL filters to XTE-2005 faceplates on my bonded line has taken me from 8 to 10.5Mbps. #
  • Just had a wordpress blog down because the .htaccess file had its php5 lines removed. #
  • Doh. Changing hardlinks in WordPress must rewrite your .htacess file to deal with them! #
  • Richard Dawkins interviewed on Relevation TV (<mental) #
  • These natural disasters over the past few weeks are quite bringing me down. Makes my trivial troubles even more so. #
  • What's the atheist consensus for the census form? I guess "NO RELIGION" is the only proper response. #