trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • I missed CmdrTaco resigning from /. (ta Raj!) (I have a 5 digit /. id) #
  • .@gigaset_press @gigasetchat I have an ongoing support issue with a Gigaset S685IP and repeater not working. Six months on and no progress. #
  • WAN moved over the weekend If you did not know it's an old, but far from tired, #cambridge forum #
  • Finally upgraded the laptop to Lion. SO now I will not get confused with having a move down to scroll up Mac and a move up to scroll up Mac #
  • Yesterday Time Machine told me it was "verifying" my backups. Today I found it's wiped all my backups. #
  • .@SeagateDiskD you appear to be an spambot. Blocked and reported for spam! #
  • Hey OSX, don't tell me estimated time is 90 days when I try to copy a trifling 100GB to my NAS. I'm using Cat6 not pigeons. #
  • Do people still use incandescent bulbs? I've moved to LED from CFL. Far nicer light. #
  • Just printed 15 copies of 4 docs I need to collate. Could have printed to PDF, concatenated them and printed in one job. Hindsight is great! #
  • did you know that the original meaning of "collate" was to check order, not to order. 3 years of printing college was not wasted. #
  • Disappointed that Leylandii not coming down next week. Treeman decided to double his quote at the last minute after been booked for 2 months #
  • Listening to M'lud Julian on BBC6Music. What a dude. #
  • Just had, likely the last for 2011, swim in the Cam. After the end of August's weather I did not think I'd be doing that in Sept. #
  • Is a Sturn V taking off from Marshals? #cambridge #
  • That's Saturn. Damm you keyboard #