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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • “bleaching” the oak beams #
  • IMAG0793.jpg [pic] #
  • Been sent a MS Publisher file. Anyway to convert this to something useable on OS X? #
  • Enjoyed kermode at the picturehouse. But gave lengthy autograph book queue a miss. #
  • "Revert to Saved" from Preview is pretty cool. A Time Machine version control. #
  • Just leafleted #horningsea about the rest of the year's village social calendar. Village life! #
  • After being let down by the previous treesurgeon finally got a date for chopping the Leylandii (boo hiss) down. Chuft. #
  • Hey look the pope's arrived in Berlin and they are firing big guns at him already. Yeah, get that criminal. #
  • Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 09.36.40.png [pic] #
  • Is it a 97.3% chance that an individual will not get hit or that anybody will not get hit……. #
  • Wow. @YeoValley treat their cows with homeopathic remedies. I hope their milk does not 'remember' all the shit #
  • Great evening at the #horningsea french cafe evening. Bit of a hangover this morning though. Gonna be slow. #
  • Hangover cure #
  • IMAG0800.jpg [pic] #
  • I'm so hungry I might have a strone or even a maxi one. #
  • Last fire of the year? [pic] #