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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • I did not think I was hungover but earlier today I watched "Streetdance 3D" on a 2D TV. Perhaps I am "tired". #
  • Can somebody bring me a cup of tea? There's no way I'm leaving my shed in this rain! #
  • IMAG1059.jpg [pic] #
  • Great start to the day. Two rats in the rat trap! Only put it out last night. #
  • Hey BBC News 24 do not switch from Cameron when he's getting hassled over solar panels. That is important and he does not know what to say. #
  • powercuts #horningsea supply is running at 60v. Anybody experiencing the same? #
  • The middle river is being lowered over the weekend #cambridge Your chance to find the item you dropped during the year #
  • Apple have just shipped my replacement first gen iPod Nano. Not bad for a replacement for something I did not know was wrong #
  • Figgering how to automate iPlayer downloading to Mythtv box. Motivated by missing the S2E01 of Sherlock. Think I've got it: "get_iplayer" #
  • ..and so it continues. ReadynasPro multiple disc failures again. All are the ST2000DL003. So I spent double the cash for double the hassle? #
  • Replacement iPod Nano arrived. It's actually an 8Gb latest generation replacement w00t! #
  • Good news: ASHP compressor been swapped. Bad News: the circuit board has also gone, still no heating. Good News: plenty of wood for stove. #
  • Where the bloody hell is my pencil sharpener? #
  • I have Zorro's kennel completion as a task today. I will likely piss about and not finish it. #