trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Kennel is nowhere near finished, but I did make good progress. #
  • how many of these restart buttons have you used? I've used 12, not used 4. Two of which I do not even recognise. #
  • What's currently a good city centre Curry House? (Not the Pipasha, which is the best one in the UK, nevermind #cambridge ). #
  • No spell checker in G+ #
  • About to try to connect a Apple keyboard to a bluetooth dongle on my Mythtv box. Wish me luck! #
  • Has everybody got a red log book through the post? Was this really due to somebody robbing a load of blank old ones? #
  • Went to Cocum last night Very good food. The sponge bread is awesome. How have I not gone here before? #cambridge #
  • It's the #Horningsea Resident's Association AGM this evening. Hear what the HRA did in 2011 and will do in 2012. #
  • A fairly impressive Odile #
  • Just been working on Zorro's kennel. It's too cold for my fingers to bang in nails. #
  • The dog kennel is close to completion. Just the roof to go! #
  • Want to get into using @trelloapp, but I use RTM and Evernote extensively. Not sure if this is gonna replace or add to them. #