Computergeekery Mac



Incidentally thanks to a cool new utility I discovered about 10 mins ago, I am now typing this on my Macbook with the keyboard attached to my Linux box. How cool is that?

Basically I’ve been looking for a decent DVI/USB LVm, but appalled at just how expensive they are. So I’ve been looking for a software solution. This is effortless to setup, and seems very robust.

The utility has a client server type connection. Running on OSX, Linux and/or Windows. You run the server on the machine with the physically connected mouse and keyboard, and a client on each machine that you want to share the mouse/keyboard to. It also shares the clipboard too. The URL above was copied from Firefox running on the Linux box, and pasted into the Macbook.Took me 5 mins to setup

The only downside I can see so far is that the Apple CMD and OPTION keys don’t work on the Mac. I guess since the linux box cannot recognise these to pass the key strokes across.
Am impressed. Of course now I need to buy myself a second 24″ widescreen monitor.