trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Quite chuft BBC6 is not gonna close. #
  • Any recommendations for a command line FLAC tag editor? #
  • Great post from a parent who took an anti-vax stance and now regrets it #
  • Worth a read for anybody near water RT @quentinsf: Not faking but drowning. #
  • There's a bit of a storm brewing over at Scienceblogs about a new blog (a corporate one) by Pepsico #
  • Rain? Surely not? #cambridge #
  • The morning rain ha taken me by surprise #cambridge #
  • macvector I hear CocaCola will blogging next (runs) 😉 RT @Comprendia: RT @pzmyers: PepsiCo out . #sbfail #
  • Not only are there chainsaws next door, there's now a dredger in the river…..! I've been rewriting a blog post over and over again! #