trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Enjoying the Pharyngula vs Kurzweil 'debate' #
  • Almost year 1 in the Neptunian year. Really interesting article about our solar system and a cool anniversary. #
  • Rain again? This weather is becoming fairly boring! Mind you the grass loves it! #
  • YumYum! RT @nannamexico: Twitter Tuesday – buy 1 get 1 free big ass burrito. Today only so enjoy. #
  • Look what the rain has brought to the garden! #
  • Excellent. The comic, The Walking Dead, comes to TV. fingers crossed it's not a Daredevil. #
  • Rain, enough. Lawn ok now. #
  • The river is high and continuing to rain. Ark building? #
  • Just found my car has 2cm of water in the footwells. Dammed soft roofs! #
  • Anybody recommend a Bluray eSata drive for an Acer Revo r3610 Mythtv box? #
  • Finally fixed a really tricky WordPress upload problem I've been too lazy to fix for ages! #
  • Nooo. Did Nick really use the Ronseal joke! #
  • I really should update my personal blog theme. It's a modified for widgets Fresh Bananas and it's looking a mess #
  • Just seen a kingfisher on the river. No piccie though. It flew away quite fast. #