trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • DJ Shadow on radio6. Great start to the week! #
  • Been doing this for a while & cannot recommend enough Instapaper + Kindle is a great combo. #
  • What a miserable day. Come back snow………..! #
  • I ran my chair over my electronic thermometer. Now it says the office temp is 7.7degC. #
  • New phone arrived. HTC Desire HD. 2nd Android one. Cracking screen. #
  • So I like my new phone, HTC Desire HD. However, going back to HTC Sense after plain old Android is not great. Might have to root/flash etc. #
  • The river is high today #
  • Windy day today. Might squash a witch. #
  • rebuilt my Mythtv backend. i3 CPU and all SATA now. The power bill will likely now go down without SCSI drives and dual old school Xeons #
  • The Pope says God created the big bang which conflicts with the Christian belief that the universe is 6,000 yrs old. #
  • Actually who among Christians actually believes the age of the Earth/Universe is 6k yrs? According to Wiki 40% of North Americans do. #
  • Charging my HTC Desire HD for the billionth time since getting it on Thursday. Battery is worse than pants. #
  • How to calibrate Android phone battery #
  • Spreading compost on the Asparagus patch is the task of the day! #
  • .@abovebelowH2O It's a great phone. Love the screen. Might have to get a second battery to carry around though 😉 #
  • Crimbo tree finally removed from room. Christmas is now over. #
  • Quy fen #