trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • What can I do with a red cabbage? Recipe speaking that is. #
  • So decided on a Jamie red cabbage recipe with apples (Blenheim Orange)stored from the summer's harvest. Smelling good. #
  • A downside of upgrading my Linux box to a low power i3 from dual power hungry Xeons is that my office is now cold! #
  • RT @david_colquhoun: Kim Tinkham on Oprah. Very patient centred -chose alt med not surgery. Dead at 53 #fail #
  • It's a Led Zeppelin day to hide the fact it's miserable outside. #
  • The Cam is high again #
  • Anybody recommend a IMAP backup tool? Script would be best. #
  • Why do I never remember the crontab syntax? Just wondered why two tasks had not run weekly and they were set to run monthly. Doh! #
  • I had the last of the Crimbo panetone for brekky this morning. Crackin'! #
  • The power cut in #cambridge makes me pleased I'm now out in the sticks in a little village! #
  • Why is MS Word for Mac such a pile of steaming shit? #
  • A worthy petition. Of messing with that is RT @rhysmorgan: @profbriancox @daraobriain @giagia Have you seen this? xD #
  • Hey @alfredapp you're on Cult of Mac's essential apps list. @preppeller @vero #
  • So today's todo, get logs, stack logs, pull cat6 to new garden office, write blog posts. Should get me to l'apero time. #
  • Recommendations for a #cambridge based sweep please? Got a stove and flue I want cleaning! #
  • Bill Murray, deranged yet cock on…. #
  • Finally the broken railings are on the ground. #