trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Whoever designed the new Lion iCal is a time traveller from an early 90's app design class. But that's retro in a bad way #
  • I thought's Lion's Calendar was bad. But the Address Book really is piss poor. A mock book interface? What next faux leather Macbooks? #
  • Powercut in #horningsea anywhere else? #
  • RT @PeterTatchell: I was both threatened & supported by Muslims at anti #EDL demo. #TowerHamlets #UAF #gay #glbt #
  • I really should install logrotate on my Mythfrontend box #
  • Do you always Block and Report for Spam when some bot sends you a link based on a word in a sentence you've just posted.? #
  • Watching Silent Hill. What is happening? Should I have played the game first? #
  • Just disabled sync mode on a NFS share on my Readynas. Performance of rsync to NFS has increased dramatically. Many small files you see. #
  • Thinking of proper ale and getting thirsty! None in the house though. #
  • I'm so glad that yesterday (work day) was sunny and today (not work day) is grey and cold. #
  • Put loads of apple slices in the oven to dry. 90degC for 3 hours. #
  • Oxalic acid bleaching the oak beams . Piccies to follow #
  • Give them 10 rolls of tinfoil then tell them to STFU #