trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Seeing a LOT of disk failures with Seagate st2000dl003. (4 out of two batches of 7 drives). Is there an issue with this drive? #
  • Just used @justeat_UK to order a takeaway pizza. The order was rejected. I doubt I'll be going back. #
  • Just had @justeat_uk on the phone to apologise for the delivery. Good customer service so perhaps I will try ordering again from them! #
  • Any pizza place out there that delivers to #horningsea Feeling incredible lazy, a tad hungover and a pizza would sort me out! #cambridge #
  • Cracking idea, I think I'll give this a go for a few days RT @timbray: Other news: #
  • Oi OSX I want to write serine and not serene! Stop annoying me this Monday morning. #
  • I was going to cycle into town today along the river. I think I might give it a miss as that wind might make a swim likely. #
  • Cycling into town with my ruby slippers. #
  • RT @superglaze: Wi-fi refugees. I could cry. #
  • Just eaten an apple, three tomatoes and four raspberries from the garden. I'm living the Felicity Kendall. #
  • Fucking Lion and the stupid way of opening files last open! #
  • I like Lion, but it's annoying. TextEdit is broken, ical is ugly, no scrollbars is annoying and opening files on opening apps is grr…. #
  • If you press reload, a zillion times, on the Google page today you will never get a cold, or ill, ever. Tomorrow Echinaysayer. #
  • I subscribed to a single Groupon email, but it appears I need to unsubscribe from many #
  • Apparently Chrome has been desuckified for Lion About time. It's been an annoyance how badly it scrolls #
  • Awesome. Sun followed rain. Perhaps today might not be a "sort out all my paperwork" day! #