trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • is it me or are TextEdit and Preview just too clunky under Lion? Slow and buggy #
  • Just been followed by @starburst_mag Blast from the past or what! #
  • The Fall at the Junction tonight and I am not there. #
  • Frank Miller speaks rubbish. Personally I've never forgiven him for Dark Knight Strikes Again, #
  • Linux Containers looks cool. I think I need to migrate the various HTPC servers to containers on my MYTHTV box #
  • Lion's Software Update tells you to plug in when on battery power #
  • Don't care about somebody's health if they smoke in a car. I care about MY health when they concentrate on their cig and not their driving. #
  • Evernote Clear is a good start but I want web>Instapaper >Kindle&Evernote. #
  • djay 4.0 is in the app store! #
  • "The pope and Imam would make an horrible couple" Daily Mash! #
  • Cold feet in the office this morning. I miss my power hungry dual Xeon beast to warm them up on. Damm you low power consumption CPUs #
  • Hey Lion. If an app causes you to reboot, then do not open it when you reboot. If I stick my finger in a flame I don't do it again. #
  • This weekend I will mostly be chopping wood, drinking beer and playing with the new puppy. #
  • Wow. Just had an email from somebody with so many mistakes I'm doubting whether it was actually them #