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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Started on the home made cider last night from the apple pressing in Sept. Pretty yummy and no hangover at all this morning, so good stuff. #
  • The next 38 Degrees campaign. Rip off energy bulls #
  • Somebody has nicked our blue bin! #horningsea #
  • My favourite quote of the day "You don't have to backup all of your files, just the ones you want to keep." #
  • The new puppy either eats gravel or sleeps. Glad we did not call him "Darwin" and instead chose "Zorro". #
  • The Linux kernel went to 3.0.n from2.6 and I completely missed that. How out of touch I am nowadays with Linux. #
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all turkey eating people. #
  • messing up .htaccess in WordPress #
  • Usual #blackfriday routine Look at Apple's site. Decide 1% is not a discount. Leave Apple's site #
  • Our blue bin has still not returned. #horningsea #
  • Ok Ok it's just come out on b3ta, but I did see it earlier today. Makes me smile #
  • Night Out in Leeds. Been a while. #