trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Crimbo shenanigans all around #
  • House cold after being empty for a few days without any heating (ASHP broke). #
  • My new door sign #
  • New door sign #
  • Having a WordPress/PHPBB upgrade day. #
  • WP-DB appears not to work anymore. What's the reccomended automated, way of backing up a WP database nowadays? #
  • If Samoa misses Fridays won't that make it a really short year. #
  • Zorro had his first canoe trip. No photos as was not sure whether we'd be swimming or not. #
  • Well 2012 I hope #
  • Watching the Vienna New Year's concert. No guitars. #
  • Good to see the BBC talking about how 'detox' is really a pointless exercise. No quick fixes for health improvement. #
  • Forgot the link Doh. #