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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Say yes to freedom of information #sopa #
  • Is anybody running Lion in a Virtualbox VM? #
  • Homeopaths: treat a burn by burning it further until it stops hurting. Job done, no pain. #
  • I really must clean/tidy my shed office today. With this grey wet weather it's getting me down. Puppy trying to eat cables is not helping. #
  • I just ate a footlong Subway. I bought the foot long aiming to save the other half for later. I am a pig and now feel slightly nauseous. #
  • Does the Apple Store in Cambridge stock the Lunatik watch straps? I fancy removing the Barbour and wellies and hitting the bright lights! #
  • Food at Gardenia. Got to be a bonus for queues at car park. Why did I come into city on Saturday #
  • Quite enjoyed my walk around town, Not been into Cambridge centre on a Saturday for ages. Went a bit mad at Fopp. #
  • It appears that iPhoto 2011 is less of a dog if you empty its trash – IPHOTO > EMPTY IPHOTO TRASH, then shut it down. No spinning wheel now. #