trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Nice walk on the other side of the Cam to the house. Although got back before the sun came out properly. Still better than the rain! #
  • IMAG1399.jpg [pic] #
  • The Cam is higher than it was yesterday! There's a pretty strong current. I want to get my white water kayak out! #
  • Downside of much less hands on Linux – Bluetooth keyboard stopped working and not much idea where to look. #
  • Fancy a red phone box in your garden? #
  • A few days of heavy rain does not make up for a few years of little rain. Is that not obvious? #
  • Funky. iterm2 for OSX gives you a split pane terminal #
  • Nobody told me about this DEVTMPFS shennanigans with UDEV 1.8.1! No wonder I lost bluetooth keyboard with the TV. No telly watching tonight #
  • My bluetooth keyboard issue was due to a fairly major udev upgrade. Been a while since I messed with Linux in that way #
  • All you wanted to know about converting SeqID (e.g. Genbank accession) between formats. Biostar rocks via #
  • hey @viewranger your shop sends me my username and password in plain text email. Secure? #
  • My back is killing me. So I'm gonna lay on the sofa, watch rubbish TV and aim for inbox zero. #
  • Kids need to learn cooking. Let's replace RE in the curriculum with cooking. Reduce obesity, strengthen the nation's moral framework. Sorted #