trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • As a shedworker when winter comes it get's me down! Surely we can have a few more days of sunshine, pretty please! #
  • Why do I have to use "Messages", "Adium", IM+Pro" and "iOS Messages"? Apple should "buy" Adium. I would love that. #
  • Enjoyed Judge Dredd the movie. No Sly though the Chopper graffiti made up for that. #
  • iOS6 is downloading……! #
  • New versions of Skitch, iOS, OSX ML update AND SuperDuper. With these Fererro Rocher you are spoliing us etc… #
  • So cannot flag Gmail emails and I seem to have lost multiple Twitter accounts. Is iOS6 an upgrade? #
  • .@Skitch get it together. Two crashes after three screenshots. Why are you in the dock and not in the titlebar. #
  • Every single comment on the Skitch 2.0 blog is negative. I'm not enjoying this new version. Plus it crashes a lot! #
  • .@skitch how do I change the pen size for annotations? #
  • The oak frame has been sandblasted today. #
  • A true mobile office Not sure I could do this. But I'd like to try. #
  • BBC NEWs just describe Nigel Farage as "charismatic". Do they know what the word means? #